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A Harp in the Sky

It was fun doing this duet with my wife Karen, who is actually an actress.  It’s from the Vaudeville era, and of course it feature a different kind of air harp!

New Album -"Just Nice"


My new album, “Just Nice” has been released on Band Camp, and will soon also be on iTunes and Amazon.  This album features instrumentals only (no singing) of melodies I like to play on my harp.

Some of my favorites are The Grenadier and the Lady, As the Sun Was setting, and my original melody Planxty Sue Richards.

A Planxty

I wrote this melody in honor of a friend who is an amazing harp player (and person!) about 40 years ago.  Recently I pulled it out again and made this video.

Sixteen Harps, what do you get?

There are a lot of jokes about guitar players wo collect more and more and more guitars, but the same can be said for any musician and their favorite instrument, and of course that includes harp players.  But how much is too much?  “Sixteen Harps (What do you get?) is a harpin’ country song that may anser that.  Just call me Tennessee Ernie Dan!

Way Down in the Mine

"Dark As the Dungeon" is an old favorite, and one of my favorite of my videos.  While the song is about a coal mine, the background for this video is actually a salt mine, the deepest in North America, 2,300 feet below the ground.  I was lucky enough to get a tour in 2012, and took lots of pictures.  The salt mine actually has an outstanding safety record, as opposed to the coal mine in the song.

Moon Songs

Sometimes I think of an old song that would sound good on the harp.  “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” and “Moonlight Bay” are a couple of examples. Hmm, wait a minute… maybe only old moon songs sound good on the harp? (that’s probably not it…)

My Wide Irish Roads

This song is a true story about a trip to Ireland I took with a bandmate in the ‘80s.  We were on a steep switchback road in the north of the Republic of Ireland, and the roads were quite a bit narrower than we were used to — we are quite spoiled in many ways in the United States.  My bandmate John kept yelling for me to stop, adding to my terror, so he could snap pictures.  When we finally made it to the highway (itself a narrow road) I was mightily relieved!

When we got home I penned this to the tune of "My Wild Irish Rose” and it became a staple of the band’s repertoire. I still sing it when I do live shows.  It is on my album, "The Fun Stuff".

Ukulele Lady

I have always loved Gus Kahn and Richard Whiting’s Ukulele Lady.  In 2004 my family made a video with singing puppets that featured singing pineapples wearing grass skirts as the backup singers, and the Lovable Curmudgeon singing lead and playing ukulele.  In 2021 I re-recorded the song with a lot of Dans, and revived the Pineapples for the occasion.  I don’t have a favorite — do you?

Here’s the 2021 version:

Here’s the 2004 version:

Monkey Business

When it came to camp I was like Wednesday Addams — I hated it!  One of the few things I liked was that our counselor would let us listen to the Mad Daddy (Pete Myers) on radio — we had to go to sleep after the Mad Daddy laughed.  One of the songs that was popular on his show at the time was “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.  It has been a favorite of mine ever since.

I never thought of it as a harp song until my cousin Amy suggested I try it.  As it turns out, it works remarkably well on harp, especially if you have some singing monkeys hanging around.

Celestial Employment is True

My song Celestial Employment, about learning to fly and play the harp to insure a job in the next life, is actually true.  I got my private pilot's license in the late 1970s, and in 1980 I began learning to play the harp.  So I figure I'm all set with a job waiting if I am lucky enough to ascend when the time comes.  It only took around 40 years before I thought to make a song about it!

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