Music Hall and Vaudeville

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My favorite Harry Champion English music hall song.  A delight for the senses.

Oh That Gorgonzola Cheese is on my album, “The Fun Stuff"

‘I'm Henry VIII, I Am’  is best known in our time as a Herman’s Hermit’s song, but is actually much older, written and perfomred in 1910 by Harry Champion, a popular music hall performer and composer.

I'm Henry VIII, I Am” is on my “Harps in Space” album

Before Bill Murray, there was Billy Murray, (the “Denver Nightengale”), a comedian/songwriter/recording artist - recording on wax cylinders - popular through the 1920s. “Ever Since you Told Me that You Love Me” is one of his lesser known songs.

Ever Since you Told Me that You Love Me” is on my “Harps in Space” album

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