Boiled Beef and Carrots


This song was in Harry Champion’s — my favorite English music hall performer — repertoire.  He made the song, written by Charles Collins and Fred Murray. famous and later recorded it.  Champion himself wrote “I’m Henry The VIII, I Am” ( ) and “The Gorgonzola Cheese” ( ).

"Derby Kell" is an old Cockney phrase for “belly”, and “Blow out your kite” means “fill your stomach”. It’s a tasty and fattening ode to a Cockney favorite dish.

Boiled beef and carrots

Boiled beef and carrots

That's the stuff for your 'darby-kell'

Makes you fat and it keeps you well

Don't live like vegetarians

On food they give to parrots

Blow out your kite from morn' till night

On boiled beef and carrots

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