Live Wire


I wrote a musical review in the early 1974, “Speak First, It’s Your Dime: A Musical Adaptation of the Saint Louis Telephone Directory With Excerpts From The Boston Directory in One Act”.

I don’t think a modern audience would get a lot of the references, since it was originally written before the government broke up AT&T in to eight smaller companies because AT&T had the monopoly on telephony.  No smart phones or cellular service.  My wife thinks I should write a second act.  The show stopper was written for the second production because by then the breakup had happened.  It was called, “Broken Up, Me and Ma Bell”.

But my favorite musical number was “Live Wire”, and after all we do still have land lines!  It’s an old fashioned soft shoe number about how the telephone wire loves his job.

Celtic harp‚ Piano‚ Guitar‚ Banjo‚ Micro-bass

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