Slowjamastan National Anthem


The United Territories of The Sovereign Nation of The People's Republic of Slowjamastan is found in the California desert along California Highway 78, between the American cities of Ocotillo Wells and Westmoreland. It is ruled by Sultan Randy Williams,who is also the host of the syndicated radio program, “Sunday Night Slow Jams”. There is no official harper, so I have taken it upon myself to perform the Slowjamistan National Anthem. So here it is, performed by the Danster Quartet Minus One (plus another one), and featuring the SlowjamasDan-cers. (Yes, I became a citizen. You can, too. It’s free.) Celtic Harp‚ Piano‚ 12 String Guitar‚ Bass #slowjamastan #harp #humor #funny #funnymusicvideos #funnyharp @DanVeaner Thanks to the Republic of Slowjamistan for the background image National Anthem words by Sultan Randy Williams Music by Elton John and Bernie Taupin ©2021 Slowjamastan Ministry of Music, Art and Culture Slowjamistan website:

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