Robert Maxwell was a harpist and songwriter who wrote and recorded "Solfeggio it in 1953, featuring the Ray Charles Singers voicing the lyrics.  It became the theme of Ernie Kovacs’ “Nairobi Trio” comedy sketch, and was recorded again without lyrics as “Song of the Nairobi Trio” in 1957.  This is my tribute cover to Maxwell and Kovacs.

The Nairobi Trio sketch featured Kovacs, Edie Adams, and a third actor — often Jack Lemon (and at least once Frank Sinatra) — dressed in gorilla suits, playing mechanical wind-up apes. As they played the drum gorilla would aggravate the conductorsometimes by drumming on his head.  The sketch was often featured on Kovacs’ television show, making “Solfeggio” a huge hit, though most people thought of it as “The Nairobi Trio’s theme song”.

It was written by a harpist, so I thought it appropriate that I give it a go.

Celtic Harp, 

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