Wild Rover Two Versions


Two versions of the well known pub song. The first is, I think, a lesser known version that I learned from a bandmate when I played in the Madison, WI based band, Lughnasa. I have always been drawn to it. But there is no denying that the rowdier version that I think is better known is fun to do, especially in a crowd. The Wild Rover goes back to the 19th century or earlier. Some think it was a temperance song. I'm not sure about that since the rover is still ordering spirits in a pub. In any event it was immensely popular when the Dubliners recorded it in 1964, and remains a staple of the Celtic repertoire to this day. Celtic harp, 12 String Guitar, Penny Whistle, Micro-bass Pub graphic thanks to https://www.wallpaperflare.com

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